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does this sound like you?

I breastfeed her for 20+ minutes and put my baby back in a crib asleep.

Your baby wakes up 3+ times a night.

You can't tell for sure if your baby is hungry or can't self soothe back to sleep.

You feel miserable and exhausted.

5.5 Months Old


"Vanessa from Parent Heroes changed our family miserable schedule and totally saved my motherhood experience. 

My daughter stopped sleeping at 3.5 months. She would wake up every 2 hrs at night, not nap at all during the days or take 30 min naps after I would need to spend 30-45 min rocking her or walking with her in a stroller. And it was taking me 2-2.5 hrs to put her down to bed. I've tried everything out there I could find on the internet - ferber, tracy hogg, cry it out, fading methods, etc. And nothing ever really worked for us. I was so sleep deprived that I couldn't drive anymore and I could never get anything done around the house or have a normal sit down dinner with my family. My husband felt abandoned. 

Vanessa started working with me the next day after I approached her on her website. She suggested a 1-week help package for us, but we purchased a 2-week one. And I'm so happy we did that. Even though I started seeing a huge change in naps from Day 1, and my daughter woke up just once to breastfeed on Night 2, I learned tons of valuable information from Vanessa during our phone calls within those 2 weeks. She is full of parenting hacks and knowledge. Vanessa explained to me the basics of sleep science and how we actually need to teach our babies to sleep the same way as we teach them to do everything else in life. And her valuable advises saved our family vacation which was planned long before I learned that my daughter is a sensitive sleeper, and was all booked and paid for. 3 weeks after we started sleep training my daughter started sleeping 12 hrs per night and stopped waking up for the night feedings all by herself. It takes me 15 min to put her down to bed now. And at 6 months of age she does 3 naps a day. 

Besides that Vanessa has a wonderful very cheerful personality and it was such a pleasure to meet her and work with her."

My daughter woke up just once to breastfeed on Night 2.

It takes 15 min to put her down to bed now.

my daughter started sleeping 12 hrs per night and stopped waking up for the night feedings all by herself.

Parent Heroes valuable advice saved our family vacation

Alyona M

4.5 Months old

Working with Vanessa was a lifesaver! Our 4.5 month old has acid reflux and woke up 2 to 5 times a night (and sometimes for 4 hours at a time!) for his entire life. Mama couldn't take it anymore! Vanessa's coaching was exactly what we all needed. Our baby took right to sleep training and the daytime schedule Vanessa gave us. Our days went from stressed chaos to pure joy. Once Mama got some rest, parenting became fun again! And our sweet boy was finally getting the rest he needed, too. Vanessa gave us so much knowledge and great tips along the way that we have no doubt that we can help our baby sleep well for the the rest of his life. We can't recommend Vanessa and Parent Heroes enough.

acid reflux

Erin Q.K.

does this sound like you?

We use a pacifier to help our baby fall asleep.

Your baby  is waking up multiple times a night and it's becoming increasingly difficult to get them back to sleep.

You feel frustrated because you've tried following all the "sleep rules" and nothing is working.

9 Months old


Vanessa is our real life hero! Our 9 month old was waking up at least 2 times a night and getting him back to sleep was becoming increasingly difficult. She helped us identify which pieces of the puzzle we were missing and now our son sleeps 12 hours a night with no wake ups and no night nursing!!!

I love how Vanessa really listens with compassion and understanding so that sleep training feels like a team effort. Her empathy combined with her medical background helped us feel completely confident in her process. Now I feel human again after getting 8 hours of sleep a night for the first time in 9 months and our son is so happy and well rested. My only regret is not contacting Vanessa sooner!

12 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

We now have a  more predictable schedule.

By 8 days of training, he dropped the night feedings all on his own.

 I feel human again after getting 8 hours of sleep a night.

shelley m.

20 Months old

My 20 month old son completely quit sleeping one day! It would take me an hour to an hour and half to get him to sleep at night and he would be up by 4 am. I assumed it was teething, or a sleep regression but when he also quit napping I knew we had a problem and needed help. I was 8 months pregnant and needed sleep desperately! 

Vanessa spent over an hour with me in the initial assessment and from there created a sleep plan for my son based on his needs and personality. She called everyday to see how the plan was coming as I implemented it, and gave me tons of support emotionally to stay the course. She also emailed me relevant blog posts and information to help supplement our action plan. 

Best of all the plan worked after one week! I now have my son back! He is sleeping 11 hours at night and taking 2 hour naps. No more crying or early morning wake ups, and I am getting the rest I need too. 

I will definitely recommend Vanessa to my friends!!!

Jennifer R.

does this sound like you?

I lay down next to child's bed while they fall asleep.

Our kid will come back into our room during the night and ask me to come sleep in their room.

Your so tired and wished you felt better during the day.

3 yr old


The name of her business is apt - she is our hero!! To begin with, Vanessa is so professional and knows her stuff. I had no doubts we were in good hands. She also really cares and listens! Vanessa really took into account our situation with our child and came up with a plan that works for my daughter, and for me. After struggling with PPD, getting my kiddos to sleep was a nightmare of anxiety and crying (me too!). She honored what I was going through and strategize ways for our sleep routine that worked with what I could do.

Our 3 year old daughter, within 3 days, started going down 2 hours earlier with no crying. It has changed my whole night! Now I can read and watch tv and, you know, eat dinner again :) My husband and I have time to ourselves at night and we owe it all to Vanessa Vance at Parent Heroes!!

She goes to bed on Her own without me being in the room.

There is no more crying and whining at bedtime.

She sleeps through the night and wakes up at 7.

I can read and watch tv and, you know, eat dinner again!

Darcy S.

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